Phonylocks & The Three Bears (2018)

A twisted sequel to the classic fairy tale; an escaped prisoner disguises himself and hides from the law in an empty house, which turns out to belong to the Bear family. When they come home and find the convict, they see the golden curls and frilly outfit and believe he's their good friend Goldilocks. Throughout the evening "Phonylocks" tries to maintain his disguise, while an increasingly suspicious Baby Bear attempts to alert his clueless parents.

The leica reel can be viewed below:

Sisyphus Rocks (ongoing)

A portion of the storyboards for a yet-to-be-finished film involving our favorite tragic figure Sisyphus pushing a boulder up a mountain. Could there be a deeper meaning to this strange tale...? Experts have yet to comment.

Muscle Fish (2017)

This was a pitch for a short film that I boarded. A boy buys instant muscle protein powder and accidentally drops the bag in his goldfish's bowl. He comes home after school to find his fish has become a total gym rat. Gym fish?

His goldfish takes him on an Eye of the Tiger workout montage, training him and helping him get stronger. Eventually the powder wears off and the goldfish returns to its normal fishy self, showing its owner that quick results usually don't last and that his hard work paid off in the long run.